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Asworth Maritime Services Logo

Professional Maritime Services & Charter Operations

Ashworth Maritime Services is AMSA accredited for commercial and private marine vessel inspections and surveys with over 40 years experience in the marine industry in all types of vessel construction, repair and maintenance including marine engines and machinery. We offer customer liaison and project management, specialising in vessels from 30' upwards, vessel consulting services for commercial vessel design and alterations, salvage coordination recovery for commercial and private casualties.

Ashworth Maritime Services specialise in commercial and private vessel delivery services in Australia and Pacific arenas, as well as providing various training programs for commercial and private vessel masters including vessel operational driving tuition.

Ashworth Maritime Services also operates the MV "Lady Jodie" passenger charter vessel, servicing the Gippsland Lakes area based in Paynesville.

Please take the time to navigate through our website and don't hesitate to contact us if we can help with any of your boating requirements.

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